BioD Technology was created with the idea of identifying opportunities for sustainable fuel development. The model was built on the core idea that any sustainable development would have to be 100% independent of alternate activities, such as those that have been leading to increased deforestation. In the same vein, the BioD Technology model was created to be able to perform without contributing to water wastage or environment harm.


Our vision is to become the primary driver of progress towards the achievement of the modern day economy’s sustainable development and energy development needs. In the pursuit of this objective, we have envisioned a global operational grid – created by partnering with like-minded enterprises and entrepreneurs – to create a service eco-system that helps to make the world a better place.


We aim to be financially viable Biodiesel refinery conglomeration with several sustainable operational locations. Our current capacity of some 60,000 Mt per annum in two locations are scalable, and our business model shall provide us ROI to expand to meet the global growing demand, in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner.


What makes BIOD a class apart is the strong adherence to our core values that have stabilized the foundation of our progress. Our sole purpose is the dedication to a sustainable world with an eco-friendly approach and we strive to achieve this objective through the development of sustainable Bio Fuel technology. 

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