Used Cooking Oil Collection

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Greener UAE

Our raw material base and production technology are aimed to reduce UAE’s Carbon footprint to make a global impact, starting from a local perspective’

Used Cooking Oil Collection

We are a full-service waste management partner for restaurants/food processors looking to reduce their carbon footprint through the improved disposal of used cooking oil.

Our concept and philosophy is to convert WASTE TO ENERGY, and to conduct that in a sustainable and eco-friendly way. 

Our Feedstock (raw materials) are non-carbon based, non-food, no human consumption,Biomass waste residues.

We aim to source our Feedstock locally, as close to our refineries as possible, to reduce carbon-footprint of our operations.

Renewable Biomass based raw materials as Feedstock:

Used Cooking Oil (UCO)

Tallow (TME, Animal fats, CAT1 and CAT2)

POME (Palm Oil Mill Effluent)

Grease Tap residues/Sewage sludge.

Acid Oils

UCO Processing Best Practices

Our turnkey solutions provide end-to-end convenience and coverage for our restaurants/food processor partners. Having worked with some of the world’s most prestigious and aspiring brands in the past, we are able to help our restaurants/food processor partners adopt sustainable waste management best practices.


Our approach minimizes collection and disposal costs, while creating opportunities for export, employment and socio-economic growth.

Quality Control Protocols

The production of Biodiesel from UCO follows world class processes and complies with standards followed by similar high-functioning operations in the UK, USA and Germany.

Multilateral Benefits

Our efficient and clean system has a positive impact on multiple industries – allowing us to contribute to the multilateral growth of all of the regions in which we operate.


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