Used Cooking Oil Collection

Refining our Future


Greener UAE

Our raw material base and production technology are aimed to reduce UAE’s Carbon footprint to make a global impact, starting from a local perspective’

Used Cooking Oil Collection

We are a full-service waste management partner for restaurants/food processors looking to reduce their carbon footprint through the improved disposal of used cooking oil.

Our Concept & Philosophy

To convert WASTE TO ENERGY, and to conduct that in a sustainable and eco-friendly way

Our Feedstock (raw materials) are non-carbon based, non-food, no human consumption,Biomass waste residues.

We aim to source our Feedstock locally, as close to our refineries as possible, to reduce carbon-footprint of our operations.

Renewable Biomass based raw materials as Feedstock:

Used Cooking Oil (UCO)

Tallow (TME, Animal fats, CAT1 and CAT2)

POME (Palm Oil Mill Effluent)

Grease Tap residues/Sewage sludge.

Acid Oils

UCO Processing Best Practices

Our turnkey solutions provide end-to-end convenience and coverage for our restaurants/food processor partners. Having worked with some of the world’s most prestigious and aspiring brands in the past, we are able to help our restaurants/food processor partners adopt sustainable waste management best practices.


Our approach minimizes collection and disposal costs, while creating opportunities for export, employment and socio-economic growth.

Quality Control Protocols

The production of Biodiesel from UCO follows world class processes and complies with standards followed by similar high-functioning operations in the UK, USA and Germany.

Multilateral Benefits

Our efficient and clean system has a positive impact on multiple industries – allowing us to contribute to the multilateral growth of all of the regions in which we operate.

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